Nana (missfishyjazz) was seriously sick.

Hay! I’m Ancilla Viona Narwandi, one of Nana best friends.

Before of all, i just wanna tell you that i couldn’t properly using bahasa. so sorry for use English on this post.

Briefly, for a few days in two weeks, Nana has a fever. But nana was still forced to follow the student council meeting, Independence Day activities from 14 to 16 yesterday and the last, she following the ceremony (which is clearly not required for students who are sick, how stupid she is!) this morning.

And a few hours ago, Nana was failed to hold a glass welll and broke two glasses in my apartment because she’s been here. Her parents, and her brother had come and visit her. They left Nana in here temporarily, because here there is also Denny, one of Nana’s best friends and of course my best friend too. In addition, Denny is also the son of Nana’s father’s friends, so they feel safe left nana here until tomorrow.

Therefore, Nana couldn’t perform its activities in fanfiction word. And this takes longer times than everyone including you think. All the poster request will be worked closely as possible with the artificial Nana (i’ll worked it for nana) and I hope you pleased.

If you want Nana to get back into this fanfiction world, please pray for the best for Nana. Nana didn’t ask me to write this, but I did it immediately because I was worried about the condition of the little fairy who sick right now.

That’s all I want to tell. Thank you for all of your attention. You can use Google Translate or super dusty dictionaries of your home to interpret or translate (whatever do you want to tell) what I write here.

Big loved,


4 thoughts on “Nana (missfishyjazz) was seriously sick.

  1. Uh, Nana 😦 I’m sorry to hear that 😦
    Get well soon, dear ^^ We’ll pray for you ^^
    I love your FanFic and i hope you will write another FanFic after you beat that damn disease ^^
    Once again, get well soon, Nana Saengie~

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