[FREELANCE] Y Si Fuera Ella


 Author : Ariani Agustina

Cast                 : Kim Jonghyun (SHINee) & Choi Jin Ri (Sulli fx)

Sub Cast          : Key-Onew-Taemin-Minho-Sulli’s Mom for cameo

Genre              : Sad, Angst.

Lenght             : One Shoot


‘Maybe that sound like a light for you but for me…its too heavy..’


*Thanks to ErlyRine for makin’ the beautiful poster

and also Smtownhouseffwordpress for accepting my request poster 🙂
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Main Cast :

Kim Min AH ( OC )

Lee Jinki

Cho Kyuhyun

Support Cast : Cho Ha Ra ( OC )

Genre: Romance

Length: One shoot

Rating: PG-13 I dont really sure

This is my first fanfiction hope you like it ^^

The playlist : Ailee – Heaven

Super Junior – Adante

SNSD – Mistake

SM The Ballad – Miss You
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Music and Lyric – [chap. 2]

Title : Music and Lyric [chap. 2]

Author : @Idznimitsali (Idzni Mitsali)

Genre : Romance, Friendship.

Cast : Krystal Jung, Jessica Jung, Choi Minho, Choi Siwon.

Other cast : Luna Park, Choi Sulli, Amber Liu.

Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Lee Taemin and other.

Type : Chapter


Annyeong reader sekalian 🙂 ngga perlu basa-basi, selamat membaca chapter kedua ini ya 😀 Bagi kalian yang belum baca chapter pertama, bisa klik disini . Semoga kalian suka 🙂 Terutama buat Riana Eomma 😀

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