[Chapt 1] Paper Cranes

Title          : Paper Cranes

Author       :Choi HyeRin a.k.a. mekeyworld

CAST         -Cho KyuHyun [Super Junior]

-Lee HaKyung [OC]

-Han Hyunri [OC]

-and, Other(s)

Genre        :Fluffy-Angst, Romance, AU

Rating       : T

Backsound  : (Better if you hear this song)

>IU – I Really Don’t Like Her,

Disc: all the CAST just belong to themselves; story and plot just BELONGS TO ME.

P.S: Thank to MissFishyJazz@myfishiworld.wp.com for the Beautiful Artwork. Author really need Constructive critism. typo may applied^^ Happy reading~


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