About ArianiOnStalJongLi

annyeong ghaseyo!!!!

nae ireumeun, arianimnida. you can call me, Shin ri chan or Park Min Gi too. since, my korean named already found!o t

I have a lot things when someone force me, to talk about myself.. but, I decide to describe in FIVE number:

First, I love my parents, sister, BIG FAM, Friends, Besties, BIAS, and…BF when I had one too. eum, but compared to them I REALLY LOVE MY ONLY ONE GOD, ALLAH SWT! without Allah, I cant be human, cant be everything i do yesterday, this time, today, and for next other Day, definetly.

Second, I love my Hobbies and Talent, absolutely. SINGING is my SOUL, ACTING is My heart, WRITTING SOME STORIES when it comes from my Imagination IS MY BRAIN and eum…yeah DANCING as Complement like my Body (you know human cant be Human if theres no body). I love my talent so Much! hihi am i too much? ups sorry! ^o^

Three, I just LOVE…LEE JINKI AND KIM JONGHYUN FROM SHINEE~ met them in youtube at 2009, jeongmal make me happy from that day until Now. (too much? I know!), lee Jinki (Onew) he’s have bright smile, deep voice, sweet, cute, handsome, cool action eurgh! Kim Jonghyun? he’s hot, sexy, have a high note voice, handsome, like a puppy mix with Dino, irritability, but STILL COOL. ouh, what a wonderful day if I can met them seomeday and singing duet with them in same stage. they look at me, then me either. I always imagine, Onew play the piano and singing for me, then Jonghyun grab my hand and give me red rose ,while he’s singing. I just Love Them ^^ oh, yea forgetting me, I do love Krystal and Sulli from F(x) too. Krystal really yeppeo, and Sulli’s Cute. they are, match with Onew And Jonghyun. ship ONSTAL (Onew x Krystal), and JONGLI (Jonghyun x Sulli) so hard. want to know, why? some people maybe, doesnt agree with me… Onew is cute…same with Sulli…for a while, Jonghyun and Krystal had a same character too. both of them, sexy, cool, and yeaa… like that. but, I think Onew and Krystal whose had different character will be Match. and… look so different when, 2 magnae from F(x) match for 2 older from SHINee. am I weird, right? everybody wish for Onew or Jonghyun can be with them (fans though) but, Me… haha just so you know, me and two of them it cant be real, and impossibe, so I ship them with another Girl. but, not exactly because i didnt want both of that Guy. its just… Impossibe for me ^^

Fourth, I hate a lot of things about HURT SOMEONE. like bully, Physical Insult, talk from behind, and giving FAKE HOPE. even, sometimes I do that too, but… I try to be better next time… I just didnt like when people hurt me, my feelings, my hobby, etc. hehe

Fiveth, I just want to go to THREE PLACES. first, SOUTH KOREA… i want to go there since I love SHINee…i have to go there! second, USA i love the freedom of that country. and Third, HEAVEN. nothing gonna change my mind when it comes to heaven, I want to meet allah and be nice human for Allah. even Know, I cant but I’ll try! ^^

so… here I am! im sorry being too much for this intro but, i just try to be Honest~

twitter : @arianiagustina

email : ariani_agustina0709@yahoo.com

sincerely, ^^ Love you Guys~ ANNYEONG!

Hey Semers.....please, comment here! ^o^

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